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Apps. Aren’t they great?

Yeah, lets all just pat each other on the back for making apps, and using, apps. Fucking marvelous.

Oh I know I shouldn’t knock it, somebody invented  the idea of apps and then a bunch of really clever computer geeks made some awesome apps and it truely is great. When said apps aren’t sucking the life out of you (I’m looking at you Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. did you guys really need your own easy to access any time apps?!!).

I’d like to make an app actually. It’s going to be an extension of the Celestial City project that I’m working on with Ronja. The app will be simple, but amazing, as all good apps should be. It will also be creative and social, as all phone apps should be.

I don’t know, I really don’t want to write a post about apps. How about I just leave this post with this:

This is how I imagine the tutors feel after reading 20 billion posts about apps. Points for creativity? Also, note the lack of appalling puns in this post. I definitely should get points for that…


Source: someecards.com