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Loving Technology

Do you know what the greatest thing in the world is?

Lying in bed at 10.30 on a Wednesday night thinking “gee I’m hungry” and then picking up your phone, pressing a few buttons find open restaurants that deliver to your area, paying for your food using PayPal (!), then hearing a knock on the door a short while later and opening the door to find someone standing there with a huge bag of hot, delicious food just for you.

It’s even better when the dessert is Gulab Jamun.

Isn’t technology awesome?


A quick note about subscribing

Anyone trying to subscribe to my feed by chucking into Google reader will have a bit of trouble accessing my posts. I broke something ages ago with the RSS of this site and haven’t fixed it yet. To get my feed into Google reader, click the RSS icon in the sidebar and follow the instructions. Fairly simple but a hassle if you don’t know about it.