Travelling To Work

I had all these creative, artsy, left-of-centre ideas for the travelling to, place, and travelling from videos. But then I got called in to work over the weekend (my usual shooting day is Friday, and I worked all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday!) and I didn’t have the time to make any of my awesome ideas into sketch videos.

This then, is a short clip of me travelling to work. Sort of. It’s also a short clip of me getting ready for work, because that’s part of my travelling. I wanted to experiment with lots and lots of really short clips to show all the different aspects of how I get ready and go.

Editing on my phone was difficult as some of the clips I couldn’t get as short as I wanted, and so I had to cut entire clips just to keep within the time limit. My first draft of this video was about 16 seconds, and although I hated the time restriction when I realised I’d have to cut more, I found that the 10 second version still tells the same story.

I feel like I should have ended it with a blackout and the noise of car tyres screeching and metal on metal crunching as I nearly got hit by a car riding to work on this day. But that would have required more than 10 seconds!


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