Things I Should Know By Now

I am a list person. I really, really like writing lists. I also like reading them. This is a list that popped up in my reader a while back that I bookmarked for reading later. I just went through all my bookmarks and rediscovered it. The list is 20 Things I Should Have Known At 20 by Julien Smith who writes over at In Over Your Head.

I already know some of the things on the list, I am learning (sometimes constantly) other and still more I am yet to learn. But it’s a good list to keep going back to and checking in with. The only point I disagree with is number 19- Get known for one thing. But that’s because I’m also subscribed to Emilie Wapnick who’s blog Puttylike talks about and to multipotentialites and I’m beginning to suspect that I am one.

Emilie describes a multipotentialite as “a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life” and goes on to use her website and blog as a way to reach out to other multipotentialites and explain how that is a bloody good thing.

Anyway, back to Julien’s list, I also found this treasure sitting in my starred items in Google Reader and I think it relates to #6 on the list. And yes, I subscribe to online comics. Go on, judge me. I dare you.



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