Blog Rules etc.

This is not a post I would actually write if this blog wasn’t being marked. It is intended to be read with a voice dripping in sarcasm. Just so you know.

Here I tell you about my shiny new Creative Commons License. I’ve licensed this blog under an attribution, non-commercial, share-alike creative commons license. More information about it here. Basically, you can share, use and remix my work as long as it’s not for money, you attribute the work to me and you publish it under a similar or stronger license.. It also means that any work I post to this blog is under the same license (but always attributed if it’s not my own). Work that belongs to others that is under a stricter license will be individually noted.

I have established several blog categories. You can browse them by using the widget on the right.

And I have not set up a strategy to deal with comments or spam. That’s right. Have not. Because I’m blogging with WordPress and WordPress is amazing. By default, WordPress automatically filters comments using Askimet to block spam and sets the comment moderation to “comment author must have a previously approved comment”. This means that if you comment on my blog for the first time, I’ll get to decide whether or not I want to show it. But if I decide yes, then you can comment again without me having to moderate each comment. Yay. Saves me a lot of work and I’ve not had a single problem with Askimet ever (including on my accounts).



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